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Nichols Industries, Inc.
Pasadena, Texas (1946-1955)
Jacksonville, Texas (1955-1965)

Nichols Industries, Inc. was started in 1946 and manufactured toy cap pistols and other items (under the Nichols family) until 1965, when it was sold to Kusan Toys. During those 19 years the name Nichols came to be synonymous with the most outstanding and highest quality toy cap pistols ever made.
It is possible now for you to get the book, "A Brief History of Nichols Industries, Inc., And Its Toy Guns," telling the history of this company, the toy guns, the people involved and a brief look at "Americana" during those happy years after World War II.

This paperback book details the beginnings after the war, until the sale to Kusan and the last toy cap pistols came off of the assembly line in late 1982.

Serious toy collectors will want to add this book to their collection for both reference and names of people to contact. This is the only book on the subject available anywhere and is written by Talley W. Nichols, who founded Nichols Industries, Inc. with his brother, Lewis W. Nichols, Jr.

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(The usual rules of shipping and handling will apply and also Texas residents must pay state sales tax.)


The Nichols Dyna-MITE — A Small
Very Popular Derringer Replica
Cowboy Kid

Talley Nichols In Memoriam:

Talley W. Nichols
b. July 1, 1914 d. April 5, 2001

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Nichols Stallion .45 Mark II
The famous Nichols Stallion .45 Mark II made in Jacksonville, Texas. This cap pistol is considered by most experts as the finest toy cap pistol ever made.
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